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death game of chess with mother nature. the flames advance, firefighters defendant counterattack.>> it's a combination of the terrain, the narrow roads and dense fuel that has not burned. and then you throw in the drought dynamics and it makes for varying challenging situation. >>reporter: we spent the day on the fire lines and got a lesson in extreme fire behavior. watch as smoke and heat preheat the brush and trees. once that fuel reaches the so- called ignition temperature, look out. >> the smoke and the weather accelerates the process. you get explosive fire behavior.>>reporter: crews cleared out brush and trees to give themselves more defensible space, in case the winds shift in the fire crosses the ravine. it is hot, dangerous work in steep terrain and dangerous conditions.
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a small army has assembled at summit in moamah prieto -- loma prieto roads. >> there job is to make sure the fire activity the uc does not make it to that side of the road. these crews would jump on it if it did.>>reporter: if you can look closely and see through the smoke, you could see the firefighters wearing orange. they work for the presence, the cal fire people aren't -- are in yellow. we have 100 people fighting the fire. coming up we will talk about what makes this fire unique, it's not the wind. the big thing is the amount of fuel. that is pushing this fire to grow so big, 500 acres up to 1500 acres so far. we will stay in monitor the
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situation. here are the latest numbers, massive flames have ripped through 1500 acres. right now it is just 5% contained. evacuations in effect for parts of santa clara and santa cruz counties. nearly 300 homes are being threatened more than 500 firefighters are fighting the blaze. crews are using air tankers and helicopters to attack the flames. now to kpix 5 devon sealy , he is talking to people and animals that have been forced out by the fire.>> loading horses is a difficult situation. we were fortunate that all of our hostess -- horses loaded. >>reporter: jordan fox decided there was no time to waste he moved his rescue horses. >> they have been through tough situations and they take it really well. we are fortunate to have a good group of forces.
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>>reporter: ordinance horses and a dozen others have found a horse showground. animal owners in the path of the wildfire have been scrambling to find safe places to move there pets and livestock. >> in the heat of the moment, a lot of people feel like they're animals other children. >>reporter: at the fairgrounds, deborah says bracing for an influx of animals and are caring for four alpacas. the pet owner should plan ahead. >> every animal owner should plan what they are going to do, how will they get them out, are there animals capable of getting out and do they know how to get into a trailer. >> a man from the south bay captured this time lapse video of the loma fire. he has been keeping a video blog. you can tell by the giant
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plumes of smoke, just how quickly this fire is growing. we are following making news in petaluma, for homes are on fire on stuart drive. that runs right next to highway 101 the northbound lanes of 101 were closed as crews tried to put water on that fire. it is now the right lane that is blocked. traffic is backed up all the way to move otto. viewers submitted these photos. the smoke rising above other homes. the smoke is clear and firefighters are putting out hotspots. it went to three alarms and they called in aid it is still unclear how the fire stayed -- started. 20 homes were evacuated. mcdonel elm bent tree is an evacuation site.>>reporter: things will be looking better
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later in the week, tomorrow we get a cool down. the numbers are still in the 90s in the santa cruz mountains winds are at 10 miles an hour. winds are not a huge factor. temperatures are and they are warm. 97 at fairfield, 88 in santa rosa and there is good news on the way. low pressure is sinking south from the pacific northwest, fog has returned to the shoreline. that means a cooling trend and there may be rain by the weekend. taking another live look from chopper 5. santa cruz mountains loma fire, we will have an update in just a few minutes. new video on a developing
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story we've been tracking all day. a big rig fire on the san rafael bridge. you can see flames leading up to the truck crashed into a guard rail and caught fire. it happened this morning, all eastbound lanes are still closed . chp tells us the estimated time to reopen them is 45 minutes from now. a driver share this video as he approached the wreck. you can see giant plumes of thick, black smoke from the lower deck. it's taken hours for crews to clean everything up and make sure the bridge has sustained no damage. no one was hurt. the fiery wreck has no traffic all day long. highway 37 and the alternate route is completely jammed. people are trying to take the bay bridge are stuck on battery and other san francisco streets. what a bay area home owner thought was an early prank turned into a nightmare. robert pistol whipped him and shot his wife.
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it happened last night in front of there home on claremont avenue in orlinda. julia spoke with the husband.>>reporter: the couple thought it was some sort of a joke or halloween prank the wife it just picked up her husband and they arrived at there home. they were confronted with the unexpected. i was shaken. thomas spalding was pistol whipped in the driveway of this orlinda home. his wife was shot twice. she is still in the hospital. the suspect were welling halloween masks catching them off guard.>> we thought they were my son and his friend doing a halloween prank. then i saw the guns and the guy said give it up. >>reporter: gave up his wallet but was still with. -- pistol whipped.
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the suspects got her purse and shot her twice before taking off. carol is the vice president of the orlinda school board. the family has lived here for more than 35 years. police say it's likely the suspects followed them home. they knew the neighborhood, they parked her car facing down the street, there is only one way in and one way out. >> this is very rare. the neighbors heard the shots and they heard of vehicle leaving at a high rate of speed. it means engine revving and tires and squealing. we are canvassing the area. >>reporter: the couple's son was home. he says he heard the commotion but never would have suspected this. >> it makes me think all lives matter. you don't hear about stuff like
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this.>>reporter: police are reviewing surveillance video. the suspects have used credit cards and they do have the woman's cell phone, they are trying to track the whereabouts. they don't have a real suspect description or the masks. anyone with information is urged to contact police. turning now to campaign 2016. did you tune in for last night's debate? it is the most-watched debate with 84 million viewers and that is according to nielsen. that number could be higher, since nielsen only tracks viewers who watch traditional tv at home, those who watched at parties or bars or online are not counted. allen martin tells us both candidates are back on the trail today. >>reporter: both campaigns are
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claiming victory. the candidates sparred over in economy, security and racial issues. today, clinton celebrated her performance with the midday rally in raleigh, north carolina. >> did anybody see the debate? one down, two to go. >>reporter: her rival donald trump was also upbeat in another state during a roundtable meeting in miami. >> it was fascinating. i think we did well. we want -- one every poll.>>reporter: last night's debate saw them sound off on a variety of topics.>> i will release my tax returns against my lawyers wishes. when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted. >> it must be something really important that is trying to hide. >>reporter: the candidates have six weeks left to convince undecided voters to support them. trump has complained lester holt through tougher queries
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his way. following questions about sniffing, trump planned the microphone. >> my microphone was terrible, wasn't set up that way on purpose? my microphone could not hear me. >> get ready for round two on october 9 when the candidates face-off in st. louis. mike pence into canaan will debate one week from tonight. the jury is out about which candidate fared better. we do know people googled hillary clinton more than donald trump. in every single state during the debate. experts tell us that was a 60- 40 split. the top searches in california, police issues isis and terrorism. >> most people's experience is the second screen one, you have
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your laptop or your phone. this is an illustration of the opportunity and the power of search that this information can get into people's hands. >> today is national voters registration day. making news, wells fargo ceo and former banking exec will forfeit more than $60 million in salary and stock. john stumpf are at the center of the scandal of the opening of those phony bank accounts. stumpf will give up $41 million. toll stead has forfeited and vested options. a high-profile murder case. >> testimony that left two in the drifters murder case shaking there heads. the next big venture for tesla and elon musk.
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trips to mars. today.. in a preliminary 156 days and six more to go, starting tonight the giants. ,,,,
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hearing for the drifters charged with 2 bay area murders.
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sean angold is testifying t the star witness took the stand in a preliminary hearing for the drifters charged with two bay area murders. he is testifying for a 15 year sentence. he told the court he stole the gun that was used to kill a marin hiker in a canadian backpacker. he said morris lampley pulled the trigger. the trio was arrested in portland, days after the murders. they were driving one of the victims cars. it belong to steve carter whose body was found last october alongside his dog. prosecutors say two days earlier they killed canadian tourists audrey carry. we are getting a look at the testing being done on the sinking millennium power in san francisco.
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soil experts are drilling three holes that will be used to collect data on the water and soil under the high rise. the tests are expected to last three weeks. they come nearly 2 months after homeowners learned the tour has sunken and tilted since opening in 2009. an investigation is underway into who knew about the problem before hand. spacex founder elon musk wants to send you to mars within the next 10 years. he talked about his plans to explore and colonize during a conference in mexico. he stressed the need for humans to become a comma multi-planet species, he predicts ticket prices to drop to $100,000. he envisions a colin -- colony with the million people. a baby boy is making headlines.>> kenneth cragg shows us he is the first baby born with dna from three
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parents.>>reporter: scientists say this boys birth is a breakthrough.>> it's unusually researched. >>reporter: this doctor is holding the first baby that used the dna of three people. the mother carries genes for a where disorder, the doctor created embryos using the sperm of the father, the egg of the mother and another donor egg. the goal was to switch out the fall 20 my tell condrey a dna which could pass on the disease.>> it's a desperate situation for the baby and family.>>reporter: the procedure is not approved in the us, the baby's parents travel to mexico. a similar week -- technique is
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approved in the uk, it's considered controversial.>> it should be done very carefully. >>reporter: the baby is nearly 6 months old and doing great. giving other parents with genetic struggle so. the boys are back in town. we are in the home stretch to the wild-card race. there are only six games left and right now the giants are a full game up on the st. louis cardinals for the second wild- card spot. two of the three teams will get at&t park where the giants are taking on the rockies this evening. dennis. i'm here with the cardiac kids, the best record in birth -- baseball in the
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first half. they have put themselves in this predicament. they have to win games just to get the wild-card. i spoke with bruce bucce.>> talking about this final homestand and what rides on it.>> these are critical games, as they should be when you are in the situation that we are in. we will play like it. we have seen this for a while, you will see it it's come down to six games and we have to find a way to win small games.>> it was not a great road trip. one positive came out of that, sergio romo closed three games. he will be the closer from here on in. the giants have solved that problem. they have the upside tonight with the veteran matt moore
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against marquez. the rockies have lost four straight games. the table is set for a win tonight. will have more at 6:00. it is all riding on these next six games. >> they have got to beat the rockies.>> you are exactly right. they better when this one. from sports to whether, after a few days of record highs, it's time for something different -- like maybe rain. we will have the details after a break. training drill is making airports around the bay area safer. but first, the markets closed up today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street. chopper 5 is live over the loma fire
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the big story has been the fire in the santa cruz mountains in and around loma play had a -- prieto. the temperatures 89 degrees down there, the winds are light. the strongest winds we have had all day were only five miles an hour. that's looking over san francisco, it's 84 in oakland, san francisco at 66 degrees. a huge temperature spread and that's more like it. it's the first time we've got cooling on the way. overnight lows farm or seasonal. high pressure which has been responsible for record highs will give way, as a fairly
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vigorous low pressure system begins to move into the pacific northwest, it will bring pressures down temperatures will follow suit. just to show you how dramatically this cooling will take place, yesterday the city at 91 degrees. it was 102 in livermore. the forecast for tomorrow shows it will be 25 degrees cooler in san francisco than monday. the numbers in oakland come down 23 degrees. livermore 13 degrees. cooling trend will affect the coast in the bay more than inland. everyone will come down in the air-quality will go up. finally, no spare the air day for tomorrow. we will be back to average after coast and bay fog tonight. for tomorrow, a transition day. everyone cools down 66 in the city 85 in concord, 70 in oakland. the south bay will be in the
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mid-80s, the east bay will be in the mid-80s, north bay temperatures cool under the influence of fog and low clouds and sun in the afternoon. still warm around ukiah and cloverdale. standard forecast time for a change with numbers coming down to the upper 70s inland by friday, saturday and sunday we will be in the mid-70s. the beaches put on a parka. i mentioned rain and i only mentioned it, it looks like there's that much of a possibility for sunday and monday. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians.
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ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. has just reopened... hours after a big rig fire. a truck crashed into a guard rail this morning.. and caught fire. again, the bridge has just ed... good news -- this san rafael bridge has just reopened, hours after the big rig fire. a check crashed into a guardrail this morning and caught fire. that is good news since we are in the middle of rush hour. another live look from chopper 5. we will have team coverage coming up at 6:00. ,,,,,,
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because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes.
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that's why i'm voting yes on 56. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the candidates go out for a spin. >> did anybody see that debate last night? ( cheers and applause ) >> 80 million people watched. >> pelley: even more than that. >> i think trump did not look crazy or like a madman. i think hillary got some good licks on him. >> pelley: also tonight, a week after the shooting, the children of charlotte. >> it's a shame that-- our fathers and mothers are killed, and we can't even see them anymore. >> pelley: chris christie is fingered in the bridgegate scandal. and-- >> this is it! we made it! >> pelley: the late night hosts get the final word, and give it to the candidates. >> you were saying, i'm sorry? >> we have to bring back law and order.


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